Monday, October 29, 2012

WWE Monday Night RAW Results! [10/29/12]

*RAW starts with CM Punk entering the arena. Punk says you all thought he was unbeatable, you all said it couldn't be done, he also said he proved the WWE Universe all wrong. He continues to point out to the crowd and says repeatedly , "Wrong." He looks back on his career, and reflects on the moment he proved other WWE Superstars wrong. He then goes onto bragging about his victory last night at the 2012 WWE Hell In A Cell PPV. He continues to rant on about the rookie referee who was controlling the match last night against Ryback and Punk, Brad Maddox. Mick Foley interrupts Punk. Foley argues about tradition with Punk. Punk then brings up Survivor Series. He brings tradition into it, Punk says lets have a match, a traditional match, Team Punk vs. Team Foley. Ryback then interferes in Foleys and Punks conversation, Punk retreats. The segment ends with the crowd chanting, "Feed me more!"*

-Ryback def. JTG - [After the match Josh Matthews tries to interview Ryback in the ring but refuses. Ryback snatches the mic then repeatedly says, "Feed me Punk!"]

-Randy Orton def. Wade Barrett

*Backstage segment with Vickie Guerrero and AJ. Vickie tells AJ she brought her here to explain the affair scandal with John Cena. Vickie also tells her WWE headquarters trusts her to bring AJ back as a performer. AJ then tells Vickie she is sorry. Vickie asks AJ what's her biggest weakness. AJ responds by saying being to attached.Vickie then says she'll be back.*

-Kane and Daniel Bryan def. Prime Time Players (Titus O'Neil and Darren Young)

*Vickie Guerrero walks out into the arena, she reassures the WWE Universe that this is a new era, dawned with credibility and integrity. She also goes on to the inappropriate affair scandal, and brings out Cena. Cena then wants Vickie to show the proof. They roll footage of Cena walking AJ to her room then going in. Cena then trys to explain but Vickie turns the tables. Dolph Ziggler then interrupts both of them. Cena grabs Ziggler by the collar and tells him never use his or AJ's name in the same sentence ever again.*

-Kofi Kingston def. Antonio Cesaro - [Kofi wins due to DQ by The Miz. R-Truth comes out after to protect Kofi]

*AJ discusses with Vickie Guerrero what Vickie did to Cena. AJ says this interview is over and walks away. Vickie calls her back and welcomes her back to work. She puts her back in a match against Beth Phoenix.*

*Interview with 3MB (Three Man Band - Heath Slater, Drew Mcintyre, and Jinder Mahal)*

-3MB (Heath Slater, Drew Mcintyre, and Jinder Mahal) def. Zack Ryder and Santino Marella

-AJ Lee def. Beth Phoenix - [Vickie Guerrero says she expected her to do better, Beth attacks her form behind, Vickie demands the ref to restart the match.]

-Beth Phoenix def. AJ Lee - *Second match when Vickie Guerrero said restart the match*

* Sheamus explains what if felt like fighting the Big Show at last nights Hell In A Cell. He also says this war is far from over, and is dying to get back in the ring with him. Big Show then interrupts him. He then tries to get Sheamus jealous of him with the championship upon his shoulder. Big Show also says he gave him everything he had but he came up short. Show explains he did exactly what he was gonna do. Big Show hen calls Sheamus a Red-headed ginger snap. Sheamus congrats him and asks him if he has ever seen a ginger snap. He then drops Big Show on his back.*

*Vickie Guerrero is spotted spying on AJ Lee. Beth Phoenix then stops by and says thanks to Vickie Guerrero for the restart of the match. Vickie then says she will not take that, as effective immediately Beath Phoenix is fired.*

-Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes def. Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio

*Paul Heyman just wants to remind Mick Foley that CM Punk is the best in the world.*

*WWE presents a promo for Susan G. Komen. John Cena uncovers a hidden check given to Susan G. Komen for the cure worth 1 million dollars.*

-Alberto Del Rio def. Justin Gabriel

*Paul Heyman introduces CM Punk. Paul introduces the first member of Team Punk - The Miz. Next member is - Team Rhode Scholars. He then continues by introducing Alberto Del Rio onto the team. Foley comes out to introduce his team. Firstly, is the intercontinental champion, Kofi Kingston. Second, he picked Team Hello No! Next participant on Team Foley - Randy Orton. Foley then says he's not competing, Ryback then comes out. Both teams attack each other. Punk escapes while Ryback stares, glaring at him, walking away. Ryback then Shell-Shocks Cody Rhodes then goes back to staring at Punk to end the show.*


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